Used school equipment gets new life in Poland

The project is a NGO project where all expenses are borne by the association in coreporation with GTS

The project started in 2015 and has since developed

The idea of the whole project is to utilize used equipment from schools, reuse it, instead of running the equipment on a scrap yard, and use it somewhere it could be abroad where it is needed.

The used equipment originates from various schools in East Jutland, who also have an idea of reusing furniture and other equipment that is in use any more or are replaced, in that way supporting the green thought

The reason that Poland are receiving equipment is that it is possible to collect it cheap and easy to bring or retrieved.

The project takes place in such a way that the equipment is picked up by the schools, which needed the equipment, thus ensuring that the equipment is used; the equipment is collected at a collection center in Odder.