Used school equipment gets new life in Poland

As a co-owner and member of the board of directors in a project where Christmas trees are grown in Poland, I regularly attend the company. The company ORFO are housed in northern Poland all the way down the coast in a small town called Bedzino.

In connection with one of the tours, I contact the local school where the employees' children go. The purpose was to find out if used equipment from Denmark could be used there.

The school is located in the neighboring city of Tekno and is a primary school with classes from 1 to 6, after which the children are moved to a school with a superstructure. In Bedzino municipality, there are 4 of such schools as well as one with a superstructure and a high school.

In connection with the fact that at my workplace, Skanderborg Center for Education modernizes our IT equipment and classrooms, it is being renovated, time after time, some equipment is being replaced, equipment that is fully functional but outdated and in need of replacement. The first delivery to Poland consisted of 12 stationary computers with monitors, equipment that would replaced, on the next visit it was clear that they had taken them in use, even so that the last of the oldest computers the students would prefer not to use.

Since then, a new consignment consisting of a number of computers and some older active boards has been picked up a number of chairs and school tables, equipment that the school could use for the new layout of their EDB room and 2 school rooms, which for that reason were completely refurbished with active boards and school tables from here, as well as new flooring.

On one of the last visits, the school leader explained that the school in Tekno due to the equipment from Denmark was the school in the area with the most modern teaching equipment

Subsequently, more trucks has ben sendt with euquitment, and the schools in Tymien, Dobrzyca, Mscice have got the equipment they need. There have been several classes of equipment, tables and chairs, which have been refurbished by the individual schools before being used.

Computer sent to Poland are first cleaned for data and software before sending out, to ensure that no confidential information is released.

The equipment will be collected at a warehouse in Odder, which the Boring Group will make available for the project; from here, the equipment will be delivered.

The following schools have currently donated equipment: Skanderborg Center for Education, 10 grade center Skanderborg, Sølystskolen-egå, Skæring skole Virup School Risskov Gymnasium and more has come.

Information about the project can be directed to Jørgen Hesselbjerg at 0045 4020 3105 or, whether it is equipment for the project or new receivers.